The Blokes came about after a day of consuming Margarita’s (thanks again bank of Billy’O) at the GNRS 75th Deuce celebration in 2007. As with all great ideas alcohol played a big part…

It was the evening, and us English blokes were enjoying another low fat Applebee’s burger(!) with good friends the Rolling Bones and photographer Peter Vincent. We were discussing various clubs and names when Peter turned and said, you should be the Blokes…. the Rolling Blokes and that was it, the start of something small, T-shirts where designed by Bloke Martin, and distributed to people that understood that we really had lost the plot!

The idea of this web site is to give you, the viewers, an understanding of what we, the Blokes, get up to on our jaunts across many miles of blacktop. This is not an eco-friendly web site, although we can categorically state that no animals where hurt during it’s construction!

The blokes aren’t a club or a society. We are just a group of like-minded individuals spanning the UK and the US. We have a particular flavour of hot rods that we aspire to, that is traditional styled cars through the era’s.

We also take pride in understanding the historical significance of these cars, but most of all we drive ’em. We use our cars as much and as often as possible, enjoying being out on the open road and hopefully spreading the good word to all. Even people that don’t want to know!


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